Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It was a beautiful day the Lord made. The course over which we walked was 5k, or a little over 3 miles. It is gently rolling with only a few gentle hills, so no one needs feel unable to complete it.

BUT be assured, we don't require anyone to complete it. You may walk as slowly as you wish and stop and go back whenever you wish. If it is only a couple of blocks to start with, that is OK.

Those who are least fit need this more than the fit joggers and runners. Yes, the runners and joggers can benefit, but they are already in good shape. Therefore, our focus will be on the slower walkers and first timers.

Effort will be made to insure that everyone has at least one other person to walk with them, so no one will have to face this entirely alone. We also have maps to insure that you don't get off course.

After the first few times, you will get to know how to go through the course without your map. And the course we follow is approved by the police, and others, as a reasonably safe and appropriate route.

The scenery is magnificent at any time of the year, and that alone is worth the effort. The many trees shelter us from the sun and the wind as we go along.

After the first time, you will see that gentle walking, appropriate to your condition, is the most healthful thing you can do, for yourself, all those around you, and our loving Lord and Savior.

Of course your doctor is the best advice giver as to what you are able to do, so be sure to tell your doctor of your plans and get his OK. Most doctors are enthusiastic about their patients decision to walk on a regular basis.

In the future, we may offer additional walks during the week if the interest is expressed. There is no restriction on how many times we can cover the course. Let us know if you want to do some extra walking, and we will try to be there with you, or put you with someone who wants to do the same thing. Till next week, with God's help, let's Lose to Live....

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